Deborah Lettner


Personal Info

  • Gender: Female
  • Residence: Cape Town South Africa
  • Height: 1.67m


Deborah Lettner is a South African actress, producer and content creator. Her most recent film ‘Comatose’, where she plays Fabian Adeoye’s rich American wife, is set for release both locally and internationally in 2017. She has enjoyed a variety of roles on screen and stage, although her focus has always been the screen. She’s shown her versatility as an actress in the scope of different roles she’s played and thrives on challenges. “I’ve always been most excited by not sticking to one genre or type of role. I’d rather choose a supporting character if she’s more interesting than the lead. For me it’s about the exploration, putting yourself in completely different circumstances and parameters and just playing with that. The more varied the better” she says, which is also the reason she adores experimenting with different periods, like civil war America in ‘Gettysburg’ (History Channel – US), the 1940s in ‘Kap Der Stuerme (Cape of Storms)’ (arte – Germany) or the 1960s, where she played Chris Barnard’s nurse, Peggy Jordaan for the first heart transplant in ‘The History of Humankind’ (BBC – UK). She’s also always interested to work with different accents like her American on the hit UK show ‘Beaver Falls’ (E4), Italian in the web series ‘#fml’, German in ‘Angel of the Skies’ and different South African accents in ‘Sofia’, ‘Peeled Away’ and ‘My Side’.


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